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K-Cup Storage January 18, 2012

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If you are among some of the many people that have received or purchased a K-Cup Coffee machine, then I imagine you may have found yourself in a similar dilemma that I was in. You find yourself thoroughly enjoying the ease of the one cup system … BUT you are in need of finding a better storage solution for all the little cartridges. Especially if you’re like me and there can’t just be one flavor to choose from.



To keep my cabinets from looking like this…

I began my research for some K-Cup storage options!


If you Google “K-Cup Storage”, several lovely drawers, trays and swiveling storage options come up. My problem with those options are that (1) I don’t have enough counter space and (2) they don’t hold very many portion packs. The closest item I found was directly from Keurig, a dispenser for $24.99. There are two units and each holds 24 portion packs with a clever way of displaying what option is inside. I was very attracted to the design but not so much the price as I needed to purchase six units. That would have cost me a total of $75 (+tax).

Instead, I came up with a much less expensive option. This option is still space saving, tidy, and easily visible what options lay at your fingertips. Staples Medium Storage Bins! They come in Black or Clear and only cost $4.79 each. For six units it was only $29 (+tax). That is a $46 savings!

Each unit has an area where a label can be placed. I cut the label right off the K-Cup boxes and trimmed the drink title down to fit in the label area (For the one tray that had multiple types, I labeled it “variety caffeinated”). Now I have a neat area where all of my K-Cup options are clearly displayed inside my cabinet for any to enjoy.



3 Responses to “K-Cup Storage”

  1. […] I came across the idea of using Medium Storage Bins from Staples which was originally posted on the blog Whistle While You Work. Turns out these are the perfect size for my cabinets.  They come in black or clear and I opted for […]

  2. Dave Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for this post…had a ridiculous k-cup spinning tree on a shelf and really didn’t like it.

    Found your blog, went to Staples and bought 4 of these medium storage bins…they were less than $4 each. Looks like the price has come down.

    Now my K-Cup storage makes me happy instead of frustrated.

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